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Heavy cropper in mid to late season with medium sized bunches of large, juicy, aromatic and spicy bluish-black berries with a jelly texture. Hardy and disease resistant. Suitable for wine production.

A  grape that is tolerant of humidity and high rainfall, It is a heavy cropper producing bunches of sweet black table grape of traditional flavour, however it is not seedless

This deciduous woody vine has been  known to live for 70 years and are moderately fast growing. Large deeply lobed leaves. Good disease resistance.

 Height of 1.2-3.5m and a spread of 2.5m

It is Self-fertile. Bunches of small green flowers borne on current seasons growth. Adverse conditions at time of flowering (cold and wind) could result in low fruit numbers or dropped fruit.

Harvest - Mid-season (mid March to early April).