Terms of Trade

TERMS OF TRADE Kaipaki Nursery and Orchard (KNO

Freight and packaging

Freight is extra. Normally plants are sent with Fastway/ Aramex Courier but where NZ Post offer a cheaper alternative that option may be offered to purcheser.

Where the purchase exceeds size carried by Courier the nursery will endevour to source an ecconomic  alternative freight rate

Packing and containers are included in the price of plants except where a handling tray is requested. KNO will make a donation for any sound pots returned to either SPCA or DC Dog Rescue

If plants arrive in damaged condition Please notify KNO, with pictures imediately so claim can be lodged with the courier 

If purchaser feels that plants do not comply with description KNO shoudl be notified within 24 hours with pictures where appropriate  The plants may be returned for a refund or replacement KNO cannot accept responsibility for any damage or death which may occur after this period.

Note pictures on this website or other electronic or paper media may differ due to subsequent growth or seasonal changes since picture taken. Alsp variation in color may occur from light at time of photo or screen serrings


Because of perishable nature fruit must be  placed in cool area on reciept and KNO must be notified by email on day of reciept with details of percentage (or weight) of fruit lost Pictures should be provide.  KNO will consider a refund based on percentage loss. No resposibility can be accrpt for losses that occur after this time


All warranties, descriptions, conditions as to fitness or suitability for any purpose, tolerance to any conditions, merchantability or otherwise and whether expressed or implied by law or trade custom are expressly excluded


Payment is prior to shipment unless prior agreement when payment by 20th of following month of issue of the invoice Plants remain the property of KNO until fully paid for.

Interest of 2% per month is liable to be charged on overdue accounts.

Cost of debt collection will be added to the cost of  any amount owing.

 Prices listed are GST inclusive and are based on rates and conditions ruling at the date of supply unless otherwise specified in writing. GST reciepts available on request

Force majeure We will not be liable if, due to an event of force majeure (which terms shall include bad weather) we are unable to provide the plants ordered.

Liability Our liability is limited to the value of the plants sold.