Red Currant

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A decidious bush with single, lobed, maple-like deep blue-green leaves.In spring has strings of lacy attractive small flowers these are followed by Followed by strings of bright red shiny berries.

Red Currants grow fruiting spurs on 2nd year and older wood and fruit predominantly on this material. Prune into an open vase and prune tips of shoots Remove wood older than three years old.

Red Currants need a period of cold over winter to produce abundent crops.  This is calculated as accumalated number of hours under 7 deg C (e.g/ 1 hour at 6 deg = 1 Chill Hour 5 deg = 2 CH   4 deg = 4CH  below 0 deg no futher CH accumalate)

They are self fertile. Thy are ready to harvest in early December. Remove the whole strings by cutting the stem

Ultimate size 1m x 1m

Red currants can be used for sauces and jellies when the fruit has just turned red. The berries can be eaten fresh when left to ripen for a few weeks after turning red. But you need to be quick or birds will feast on fruit first