Myrtus ugni syn Ugni molinae (NZ Cranberry)

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small fruiting shrub


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New Zealand Cranberry (actually a Chilean Guava) is a bushy plant can be grown as a bush  or as a standard either in a pot or open ground/ I have seen it grown as an espalier and as a low hedge alternative to Box.

The stems can be a bit brittle so not ideal where children or animals  can stand on them

The fragrant flowers are delightful a delicate pink, bell-shaped against the green foliage. The flowers attract beneficial insects. Plants are self fertile

In late summer through to early autumn, the fragrant wine coloured berries hang on stems from the bush. The fruit can be eaten fresh (best to squeeze out the flesh from the skins as the flower end can be a bit chewy) or can be used in baking (Cranberry muffins), jelly or cordial.

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