Caana Cyphomandra casana

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Plant in any garden where the large dark green leaves and the outstanding yellow fruit will add interest to your landscape pt will blend well into subtropical borders mixed with palms ,ferns and bananas

A small tree with large deep green hairy leaves small purple flowers in spring are followed by quantities of small yellow fruit in late autumn grows rapidly is around 5 metres high and fruits in the second year the throat had smoked sweet and juicy and issues are pleasant mild pepperoni aftertaste

Good for jam, chutney, pies or fruit salad but best of all eaten fresh.

Choose a sheltered position with protection from afternoon sun frost and heavy winds plant in the spring summer in fertile and well drained soil with plenty of organic matter water regularly over the summer.

Remove the central growing tip once the plant has reached a metre high to encourage side branching fruit forms on the new seasons wood so plant can be pruned hard in spring after all the risk of frost casana are heavy feeders  so for mature tree apply complete NPK fertiliser before spring pruning, one month later and again in February as the fruit is developing

Pick fruit when it is yellow and soft to the touch it is self-fertile