Apple Tree Golden Delicious

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1 Tree Bare Rooted on EMLA 9 roostock dwarfing

A properly-ripe Golden Delicious is a golden-yellow colour (not an unripe green). As a commercial variety it has been spoilt by picking to early before the flavour has developed, Many associated the golden colour as an indication of being off the tree to long. I the home garden you can pick when ready and enjoy

Fruit are medium sized, clear yellow sometimes lightly russetted. Sweet, juicy, crisp flesh.  Apple is a perfect multi-purpose apple for eating fresh, in cooked recipes, in applesauce, and in baked apple dessert

Fruit is produced on spurs and tips

Matures March-April. Heavy crops it is self fertile

Requires 700 chilling hours to set fruit. (Chill hours or chill units (CU) are the number of hours when temperatures stay at 0-7 C.)

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