Ajuga Jungle Beauty

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Low growing perenial dark bronze leaves and spikes of blue flowers


Full description:

This is fast growing ground cover, forming a dense, evergreen carpet, is a native of Europe

It has 30 cm tall spikes of deep blue flowers in early spring rising from a mat of large dark green leaves that are tinged with purple

it spreads with runners that form new rooted plants at various distances from the mother plant. Vigorous spreader, but easily controlled in garden settings.

Although it does best partial shade in any moist but well-drained soil it will do well under trees, it will still do well in a sunny position

It will require little maintenance other than keeping the plant from spreading to areas where you don\'t want it. Easily propagated by removing rooted portions of the runners from the mother plant and replanting these elsewhere.

 35 cm x 1 m